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Host Feed Programme

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About Programme

Thousands of listeners tune in to podcasts daily on the Hubhopper website & Mobile App. You can now directly improve your podcast visibility through this collaborative programme.

Hubhopper is looking to reward podcasters with front page visibility across its listeners products in return for 'host feed' mentions about 'Huhopper' in its podcast episodes. A win win for all!  

Host feed: A host feed is when the host of a show personally recommends a service/product to its listeners.

Programme Rewards

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2 Host feed episodes :

Genre Category Ranking

Your podcast will be placed on the top recommendations for your podcast genre. (ie: Business, Comedy, Education, Health etc )

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8 Host feed episodes :

Banner Space

Be the front face on Hubhopper for a week with a premium banner space just for your podcast.

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4 Host feed episodes :

Featured Category

Your podcast will be placed under our featured category 'Recommended

for You' and gain visibility across

Indus OS mobile phone users!

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6 Host feed episodes :

Playlist Addition

Be part of the Hubhopper's handpicked curated playlist of podcasts.

Playlist always feature in front! 

What do I need to do?


Add Host Feed to Episode

Provided below is a script that you have to follow to insert the 'host feed' mention into your podcast episode. Language can be customised as per podcast language.


Add campaign link in episode description

We will require you to add the campaign link by hyperlinking the text ' Hubhopper ' on your episode description text.


Right Click here & 'copy link address' to get the campaign link. 


  • Your podcast should have more than 3 episodes

  • Your podcast should have more than 150+ listens

  • Only new episodes are eligible

Submit Host Feed Episode

Submit your episode with the host feed & campaign link to claim your rewards!